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By Ovid

"A model that has been lengthy awaited, and sure to turn into the recent standard."―Michael Dirda, Washington Post

Ovid's epic poem―whose topic of swap has resonated in the course of the ages―is the most very important texts of Western mind's eye, an thought from Dante's instances to the current day, while writers reminiscent of Salman Rushdie and Italo Calvino have stumbled on a residing resource in Ovid's paintings. Charles Martin combines a detailed constancy to Ovid's textual content with verse that catches the rate and liveliness of the unique. Martin's Metamorphoses would be the translation of selection for modern readers in English. This quantity additionally contains endnotes and a word list of individuals, areas, and personifications.

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He drops the reins, 270 which slackly lie upon the horses’ backs; and now his steeds, thoroughly unrestrained, pass galloping off beam in the course of the unknown areas of the higher air, anyplace impulse proposes, purposeless, and knock opposed to the mounted stars set in the sky, dragging their chariot via trackless area. Now they search heaven’s summit, now they drop and hold themselves toward the earth; Luna now marvels at her brother’s horses 280 less than her personal, at scorched clouds trailing smoke! Earth at its optimum element bursts into flame, deep fissures open up, and its juices dry; the ripe grain whitens, bushes and leaves all burn, and the dry crop offers itself as gas. What I lament is not anything to what comes: nice towns perish and their partitions cave in, complete international locations are lowered to ash; the woods burn with their mountains: Athos burns, Cilician Taurus and Timolus burn, 290 and Oeta, too; Mount Ida, which had as soon as been packed with fountains, now runs dry and burns; Muse-haunted Helicon and Haemus (not but linked to Oeagrus); Etna (already blazing) blazes two times; twin-peaked Parnassus, Eryx, Cynthus, Othrys, and Rhodope (about to lose its snows), Mymas and Dindyma, Mycale and Cithaeron (famed for Apollo’s rites) at the moment are ablaze; Scythia’s frigid weather doesn't spare it; three hundred Caucasus burns, and Ossa burns with Pindus, and larger than the pair of them, Olympus; complete levels burn: the Alps, the Apennines. Then Phaëthon honestly beholds the realm in all the pieces aflame, and can't undergo the overpowering warmth; every one breath he attracts sounds like an exhalation from an oven; his chariot is white-hot underfoot. not able to undergo the sparks and ashes whirling approximately him, shrouded in black smoke, 310 he has no approach of understanding the place he's, or the place he's going throughout the darkness, borne anywhere the flying horses desire to take him. And it was once then, in accordance with a few fogeys, that the population of Ethiopia became black, while blood used to be drawn as much as their skins; after which that Libya turned a barren region, and nymphs lamented their misplaced springs and swimming pools: Boeotia mourned Dirce; Argus, Amymone; and Corinth mourned the spring at Pirene. 320 Broad-channeled rivers have been no at an advantage: unquietly the far away Don flows, steaming; previous guy Peneus, Mysian Caïcus, swift-running Ismenus, Arcadian Erymanthus, and Xanthus (destined to blaze up again); the yellow Lycormas and the Maeander, that playfully meanders in its path, the Thracian Melas and Spartan Eurotas; in Babylon, the large Euphrates burns, and the Orontes burns in Syria, 330 as do the speedy Thermodon, the Ganges, the river Phasis and the blue Danube; Alpheus blazes via Olympia, and the banks of Sperchios in Thessaly; the Tagus is so sizzling that its gold melts! In Lydia the prestigious swans that sing upon the Cayster were scorched; the Nile in terror seeks a spot of shelter and hides its head—where it's hidden nonetheless: its seven mouths lie empty, filled with airborne dirt and dust, 340 its seven channels all and not using a circulation.

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