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By Jeff T Bowles

This up to date variation has a desirable new examine diabetes as an developed safeguard to freezing harm in wintry weather long gone uncontrolled- do not leave out it!

144+ Pages of
Fact-Packed technology dependent Information-But enjoyable to read-

Upon figuring out that taking 4,000 IU of nutrition D3 an afternoon used to be no longer adequate for me, i made a decision to embark on a "dangerous" scan that without delay contradicted every little thing MD's had instructed me for years:

“DON'T TAKE an excessive amount of nutrition D it truly is DANGEROUS!”

I began taking 20,000 IU a day-50X occasions the advised dose of four hundred IU an afternoon.

After approximately four months upped the dose to 50,000 IU an afternoon or 150X the outdated prompt “safe” dose I then boosted it to 100,000 IU an afternoon or three hundred x occasions the outdated greatest secure dose!

What occurred over those final 10 months? Did I die? get ill? No! simply the opposite!!

High dose diet D3 treatment during the last year-

  1. A painful snapping hip syndrome which I were struggling with for 23 years and no Dr might aid me-It is now a hundred% long gone. No soreness and NO SNAPPING!!
  2. Yellow fungus contaminated toenails (under the nail)- i attempted every little thing over two decades and not anything worked-10 months of excessive dose nutrition D3 and they're transparent as a bell! a hundred% cured.
  3. A knobby bone spur on my elbow that made me appear like Popeye the sailor man-It has now a hundred% dissolved and my elbow is again to how it was once twenty years in the past.
  4. Painful , clicking, popping, stiff Arthritic shoulders that avoided me from even throwing a ball from domestic plate earlier the infield. A situation I’ve had for 15 years. long gone. not more popping snapping or clicking and that i can throw the ball two times as a long way .
  5. A ganglion cyst that persevered on my wrist for over five years has reduced in size from the dimensions of part a golfing ball to the dimensions of a pea and now it's rock difficult ,painless, and shrinking.
  6. A small subcutaneous cyst on my face that had now not long past away for twenty years –now long past!
  7. AND-Without even making an attempt my weight has dropped via 25 kilos from 204 to 179.

This publication tells you special result of my test, risks to prevent, and likewise discusses an easy and stylish new conception that implies how excessive Dose diet D3 treatment may also help hinder OR therapy all of the epidemics of ailment and healthiness concerns which have been plaguing us because the 1980’s while medical professionals begun caution us to stick out of the solar and regularly use sunscreen. This has created the massive epidemics we see at the present time of weight problems, Autism, bronchial asthma, and plenty of others!

When your diet D3 degrees are low, your physique will get you to organize for iciness by way of overeating, slowing you all the way down to preserve power, or even making you depressed to maintain you housebound. curiously it really is this comparable drop in diet D3 degrees that signs a undergo to begin hibernating!

If your physique expects famine-like stipulations brought on by wintry weather to be most likely- it is going to preserve your serious assets for the longer term. This results in what I name the unfinished fix Syndrome which in flip factors lots of the illnesses people face except spontaneous gene mutations that reason syndromes and illnesses triggered solely via getting older. excessive D3 can be utilized to avoid or deal with an enormous variety of ailments MS, bronchial asthma, 17 varieties of melanoma, lupus, arthritis, middle affliction, weight problems, melancholy, Parkinsons+many more...

This IS the higher mousetrap! so much MD's get only a uncomplicated four years in Med tuition, then paintings to earn no longer examine. i have researched ailments and getting older for 20+ years, with a ten yr stint the place I spent 12 hrs/day daily within the Northwestern Med School's library simply reviewing scientific and clinical stories! i have had three significant papers released; the publishing magazine has five Nobel Prizes among the editors. And defined my papers as tremendous fascinating and of significant value

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